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  1. 2016 Christmas Hamper Essentials

    H2016 Christmas Hamper Essentials

    Of course, the Christmas tradition is to give presents to celebrate the holiday. Now, what do you do when you need to buy products for your entire family? What do you buy for the person who already has everything they could ever want?

  2. Hong Kong’s Best Christmas Buffets

    HHong Kong’s Best Christmas Buffets

    Many of Hong Kong’s finest hotel restaurants will be serving up delicious delights this Christmas. If you want to experience a truly amazing Christmas, check out these holiday buffets this year .

  3. Mid Autumn Festival Family Activities

    HMid Autumn Festival Family Activities

    It is tradition for families to gather during this harvest festival, and it is likely that you want to spend time doing something new and exciting as you celebrate the holiday. 

  4. Healthy Mooncakes

    HHealthy Mooncakes

    While it may not seem that mooncakes are particularly healthy, you can still make smart choices as you enjoy these delicious desserts.

  5. Where To Go For Full Moon Appreciation

    HWhere To Go For Full Moon Appreciation

    The Mid-Autumn Festival, held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, has become an important time for moon worship and appreciation.

  6. Mooncakes Taste Intro 2016

    HMooncakes Taste Intro 2016

    There are so many different flavors to choose from, and even the type of crust is something you can change. Selecting the right mooncake for the upcoming festivities shows your fellow revelers how much you care.

  7. Craft Beer Gift Hampers for Father’s Day

    HCraft Beer Gift Hampers for Father’s Day

    Among your choices is a fine selection of craft beers. If you have been procrastinating on finding the perfect present for your loving father this June, you might consider an assortment of delicious craft beers he can enjoy on his special day.

  8. Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    HFather’s Day Gift Ideas

    In Hong Kong, Father’s Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday of June. This holiday is used to celebrate all the sacrifices dad has made, as well as all the amazing ways he shows his love to the family. 

  9. Gifts to Avoid for Holidays

    HGifts to Avoid for Holidays

    As you likely know, giving presents is a significant part of culture in Asia. Understanding the occasions for giving gifts is part of the process; however, the real struggle comes in knowing which gifts are appropriate for which occasions.

  10. Chinese New Year Gift Guide 2016

    HChinese New Year Gift Guide 2016

    Hong Kong festivities come alive during Chinese New Year, and the celebratory events are numerous. Though the date varies from year to year, the holiday is celebrated for days on end.